On May 10, Darold Stenson’s death sentence and his murder conviction were overturned by an 8-1 vote of the Washington State Supreme Court. The Court ruled that the Clallam County Attorney’s office had withheld evidence from Stenson’s attorneys during his initial trial. Clallam County must now retry Stenson, almost 20 years after the crime took place.

Less than a week after the ruling in Stenson’s case that effectively removed him from death row, a Pierce County jury re-sentenced Allen Eugene Gregory to death. Gregory had been removed from death row in 2006 when his sentence was overturned because of error on the part of the judge and the prosecutor.

The case of Dwayne Woods seemed to be moving towards the setting of an execution date when the US Supreme Court ruled in late March in a case that related to one of Woods’ appeals. That appeal will now be heard again in state court.

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