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Just Mercy book discussion with the author, Dorothy Van Soest (Seattle)

October 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Dorothy Van Soest will be discussing her book, Just Mercy at King’s Books. Her book will be available for purchase at the bookstore, or you can purchase it online here.

From the cover:

Bernadette Baker lives through every mother’s worst nightmare when her adopted sixteen-year-old daughter, Veronica, is brutally murdered by a deranged stranger. The shocking and random act of violence sets off a chain of events that causes Bernadette’s family to face unimaginable pain and question everything they hold dear. Ten years later Veronica’s killer, Raelynn Blackwell, is facing execution. Despite being united in their grief over Veronica, the Baker family is deeply divided about the death penalty. On one side is Veronica’s deeply spiritual and sensitive brother who believes that the death penalty is the last thing his baby sister would have wanted. On the opposite side is their tough-as-nails older sister who vehemently believes that death is the only way for justice to be served. In the center is Bernadette, who is deeply ambivalent and longs for a resolution that will help her family move forward. After Raelynn receives a last-minute stay of execution, a secret is revealed that changes everything and leads to an unlikely bond between Raelynn and Bernadette. JUST MERCY is a heart-wrenching and ultimately redemptive family drama of forgiveness, destiny, and the true nature of justice.

Dorothy will be having two book discussions during our Week of Action. In addition to Couth Buzzard Books, Just Mercy can also be purchased at King’s Books and Third Place Books.

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