The WCADP and SJA is focused on facilitating events with the goal of educating and encouraging public participation in abolition work across the state of Washington. Our summer schedule follows this article.

In March, Jen Marlowe – Seattle author, filmmaker, playwright, human rights advocate, and WCADP board member – gave three heartfelt presentations, entitled “Troy Davis: The Human Face of the Death Penalty”, in Seattle and Chelan. She covered the wide range of issues that cast doubt on Davis’s guilt, and brought home the tremendous consequences of death penalty laws in the United States. During the fight for Troy’s life, Marlowe grew close to the Davis family, who had to bury 3 family members this past year. The presentations were an extension of her advocacy for the Davis family, offering attendees
the opportunity to donate money to the family. Other WCADP board members were on hand to discuss the formation of the Safe and Just Alternatives Campaign (SJA) and its efforts to abolish the death penalty in Washington State. To learn more, visit Marlowe’s website,

North Carolina Death House

North Carolina’s execution gurney, October 2004. Photo by Scott Langley

Later in the spring, WCADP and SJA coordinated three events around Puget Sound entitled “A Photographic Journey into the U.S. Death Penalty, with Human Rights Photojournalist Scott Langley.”

Langley’s chilling death penalty documentary photography project is the most comprehensive collection of original death penalty photographs available from one source.

The documentary includes execution vigils, inside an execution chamber, portraits of exonerated death row prisoners, celebrities opposed to the death penalty, demonstrations and candid emotional and prayerful moments in the context of the death penalty in the United States.

Learn more about Scott Langley at his website

Five states in five years have abol- ished the death penalty. YOU TOO can help organize an event to help Washington State be next!

  • Request a speaker for your group
  • Invite friends to your home for a movie and popcorn, followed by discussion
  • Have a poetry reading
  • Set up an information table
  • at your local fair or market
  • Let us know your event ideas!

WCADP and SJA can offer resources and suggestions to help you plan. We look forward to hearing from you.

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